Wednesday, August 5, 2009

could it be?

Grand Opening of a store near the traders joes on s.monica blvd and something between gardner and labrea call fanna ramania or something and it caters to the Russian lady of West Hollywood, I've guessed. My oh my what is it with Russians and dreadful clothes. It just seems that with communism came a loss of fashion sense never to be regained. The grand opening of this store confirms this.

What a strange combo of homosexuals and Russians and no center this West Hollywood nonsense. A boy born in Russia and then being gay and his parents say ...."were moving to West Hollywood," that's lucky but I plan to get the hell out of here the minute it's feasible which means the minute sanity is returned to my particualar corner of the cosmos which means a story of such proportions that it's impossible to tell until it has it's required happy ending.

I have this antecdote I guess you'd call it where I say that I thought I was in love once and it turned out to be low blood sugar. Like all my "antecdotes" it's true. That was sort of not a great scene and it was 10 years ago so I bring it up for a reason which I'll get to, so anyway the person who really fell in love with me never knew this and they wouldn't be able to know this is my blog so I can tell it here:

So I'm in a youth hostel. Someone sort of attractive and English comes by and I'm at my peak-- traveling and meeting people from every country and things happen pretty quick and this person declares there love after 3 days and that's fine cause hey I'm dizzy and nauseaous and I must be in love too. great. So this person goes off to Australia and New Zealand and is so smitten that she calls San Francisco(where I'm hosteling) 5 times a day and there's a problem-- Right after she leaves I have a sandwich and I am not dizzy or nauseaus and I am really not liking someone calling me all the time. This person(It's a she ok? But I'm not really gay!) now wants to me to take 1,400 off her credit card and have me come to Australia. But, since I know it was just low blood sugar and I'd feel way too indebted I decline. But, I really like this person and enjoy their company and they have fallen into some madness where now they are returning a month early to come back to San Francisco rather than return to England because of hypoglycemic me. Long story short she convinced me to come and live with her in London and after a month there and 5 months of e-mails where she wanted to come to NY to visit all the time(She was straight out of law school and completely poor)I knew I could offer her nothing and broke it off. She is now a huge lawyer in England who's clients are Saudi Arabian princes. No joke. And, I have no regrets cause what can you do when love don't bite you. She immediately found someone from a gay choir she joined( which was so against character it's incredible)

I tell you this because years went by and I started a "lifestyle" where I just had no appetite till 5 p.m and at let's say at noon to 3 pm. I'd feel like I'm dying, just falling apart and just last month I began forcing myself to eat every 3 hours or so and that feeling is gone. Today, again, i forgot and .... all my major woes are LOW BLOOD SUGAR! Not really, but I just forced down a Nectarine and 5 minutes later I can cope again.

My point: Everyone eat every three hours or so!
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