Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meghan Kelly if you are reading this I sympathize when Geraldo won't look in your eyes

Almost everyday my mother bemoans the silence of the masses re: certain things.

"Why doesn't anyone do something?" she can often be heard to say (from the couch.)

Today, she really was impassioned as she once again pointed at the Fox female news anchor's cleavage.

"Look, you must look," she said again. And I looked as I sometimes do depending on what I'm doing and again I saw a crazy amount of cleavage on one of these Fox ladies. This never fails to crack me up. Just the sight of their exposed upper bosom crease is so WRONG in the context of their professions.
It is awful and my mother wants me to express this to more people than just us. So... though I get a big laugh everytime my mother calls my name and says, " You must look what they are making her wear today-- Why doesn't someone say or do something," I must try to make it stop.

It could be Meghan Kelly or Kimberly Guilfoyle or Julie Banderas . Jamie Colby and some others probably just refuse and somehow are valuable enough to not get fired. But, those three.... Ridiculous, comical decoletagge and I bet Greta Van Sustern is feeling oddly unflattered and relieved at the same time.
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