Friday, August 14, 2009

Day of the Locust

I never heard about a singer songwrite name Jens Lekman until very recently. Apparently, he's a talented singer and lyricist who somehow came up with the hairbrained idea to invite Satan aka Tig Notaro on his music tour. Meanwhile I'm stuck in court every month because this disturbedd thing has issues with telling the truth( Now, that is an understatement!) But, in the course of seeing what this freak is doing while I endure what she has caused--- I check out this Jens Leksman kid and basically he seems like a nice kid and he mentions Nathaniel West's, "Day of the Locust." and how he loves it. That and "Miss Loneyleyhearts" blow my mind.

And, I think... Tig is someone Mr. West would find utterly repugnant but what can you do. When I would travel(in the good old days) the Swedish loved me but now I'm sure if I met Mr. Leksman he would have long ago been given my picture and warned to "INGNORE HER. SHE HARRASSES ME." Why? Because Notaro is obsessed with convincing people that I would ever think about an dumb unpretty and very repetitious shemanbeast( looks like one of those gym teachers from minnesota lesbians crossed with ... SATAN.)

Why do I bring this up. Well, because I have 3 readers from Sweden and it made me think of that.
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