Friday, August 14, 2009

vanna still looks very well-- wheel of fortune on again

Why did I think Felise was named Jill? WTF? I was sure of it, and now this oddly spelled Felice... and I'm at a loss as to why I thought she was a Jill. She looks like a Harriet or even a Felise but not a Jill and I wonder why I was sure her name was "Jill."

Post about names sure to come

Felise with an an S, WTF. And, here so many years after this creative naming she is a prosecutor of the innocent and a down dirty liar to boot. Maybe, if her parents did call her Jill it would all be better.

I bring up this Felise Cohen-Kalpakian for a reason and I really hope I never have to mention her again.

The reason :
So me and my mother are gabbing once again, and she says, " This Waxler she probably married a jew, because she couldn't be jewish." and, I'm like, " Mommy, I googled her to see what Law school she went to. It's Jennifer Abrahams Waxler."

My mother: "Oh"

And then she finds out about the this Cohen Kalpakian and she says to me, " I bet her father is Jewish (Cohen) but her mother is a shiksa." I'm like, " Could be I guess, but mommy... evil comes in all forms, you need to get over this jewish thing." And, she says, " I just can't beleive a jew can be so bad." And, my mother is who more blonde and blue eyed and small nosed than 99 percent of gentiles and who never was any good at making money-- looks defeated-- It really bugs her that Jews are doing this to "her kid" or are capable of doing really bad things ,as these ladies are. I would prefer them to be gentiles but I can't say I understand my mothers unswerving desire to want jews to never be wicked.
I just pray that any corrupt judges that are bound come are not Jewish-- because this really stresses out my mother, who I am crazy about.
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