Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gondee spelling reallly kills me, wonder if he's talking about Indeerah or Mohatmomma

I just read an article about this kid Connor Oberst in some Rolling Stone at the doctors. Cover article about Adam Lambert an then this smaller story on this Conner Oberst and I need to check out this Conner Oberst asap cause he sounds like a landsman type and I'm getting more and more intersted in lyrics ,and they call him "hyperverbal" and that made me feel less stigmatized(see psycho donut post below). Connor Oberst is much more interesting than Mr. Lambert but they both seem like decent kids, considering that most their age seem complete imbeciles who text "awesome" to each other all day.

Mr. Oberst goes off about the Leonard Cohen and it makes me want to tell my Leonard Cohen story....

Part 2
My sister was writing her best friend(who she's known on and off for 23 years now which is incredible considering that are pasts are pretty much completely unpresent(HA!)

But, she was writing this friend of hers about the diary we accidentally took from the Staples Copy center. My sister has a black spiral notebook too and so she just thought it was hers and it turned out to be someone else's deepest innermost thoughts and dreams and of course this person is no Anne Frank.

I'll paste the e-mail she sent her friend because I couldn't say it any better, blog aka bff!

My sister e-mail to friend: It was staples not kinkos and the poem/song/abomination is much longer but otherwise she sums it up well.

" I just found a notebook i must have inadvertently taken from someone else at kinkos' any way ,its so disheartening i can hardly type, this person has a master plan to get out a song recorded by an " old school artist" before other record companies do about "Michael Jackson" the song is called "Michael."
"hey Michael where are you
the world is missing you.
hey Michael no matter how near or far ,
you are a shining star, (repeat 2 times)

at a very young age
the world was amazed
when thet saw you on stage
oh shanti oh shanti oh shanti peace on earth (repeat 2 times)

Christine, not only does he intend to unleash the single but he is planning to get investors to back his company ; company's motto will be " like martin Luther dr. and gondee we believe in non villance and that life is the most important theme,and you have to be around to do great things."( word for word ,that's his spelling so yes spelling does count!) huge sigh,all his numbers are in it and credit card info ,his cellphone number is in it so , ive got to call the idiot and tell him i found his lifeplan. "hello is the writer of hey Michael there?" enough of was great talking to you ...
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