Thursday, August 6, 2009

yo, where does it go?

Steven Tyler in the news. It appears from the one line aol descriptor under his image that he's fallen off a stage.

This reminds me of something I've wanted to share with my blog but keep forgetting. Often, I listen to the radio and since I'm 16( I remember the exact age for a reason) I've loved Arrowsmith's song "Dream On" and have sang along to it ,cornily, too many times to count. Just two days ago I was driving to Ralphs and it was on the radio and I got all corny and head bobby and my window was open in the car and I felt sure that any pedestrian or car with it's window open and hearing it was feeling the same.

And, again for the zillionth time I marveled how there was rumors about Paul Mccartney being dead and all and how we don't question that the man who sang and wrote "dream on"(not sure if he or someone in the band wrote it, but I'm tired of googling!) is really the same guy who sings "love in an elevator. " ? It's not just the lyrics but the voice and the whole essence. How could it be the same guy?

For the longest time I've been wondering what happens to all that talent. Does it just go to the same place in the atmosphere where all the lost weight- fat particles go??? Doesn't Mcartney wonder why brilliant lyrics and music no longer come together for him. No pun or wordplay intended on that last sentence, I mean it. Doesn't the counting crows or Adam Duritz or whatever wonder how "Mr. Jones" and "Round here" could have morphed into a remake of that insipid joni mitchell pink parking lot song and worse(escapes me at the moment the Counting Crowes newer even lousier songs)

Just thought maybe some one out there knew the answer and would throw this old blog a bone/comment.
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