Thursday, August 20, 2009

Got the grimes appeal oon it's way today

Susan Rios, the clerk to Mary Lou Villar ,is illegally refusing very important motions. She is breaking the law over overa again.

THere is a sense that that think they can get away with anything and is very disturbing. I have a feeling that obstructing justice and conspiracy are crimanl offense and that sweet day will come when I get see that rotten creep Susan Rios going off to prison.

And Samantha Jessner, and Jim Hoffman are the scariest really,because they don't look or talk like sociopath's but they are.

And that stanky and stupid tig notaro and her depraved pal sef willen-- thinke they could go on their merry way, I can't get over howmany completely emtpy human beings are out ther.
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