Friday, August 21, 2009


Blog, I can't decide if you're a chronicle or a sounding board or a semi public diary or a balagan(yidish) or just a plain old blog.

When I decide I'll tell you.

As it is: It doesn't really matter.

I got a an analysis of Delmont Klien's poem,via iphone and It bears sharing with you all.
The poem in question is --"Mountains or Mounds" Which I will reprint here without copyright( as Mr. Klien never obtained any copyrights in his short but weary life and has no estate etc, as you can imagine etc.)

Mounds vs. Mountains

I am not a mountain climber
It just never came to pass
that if I wrote
A singles ad I could truthfully say I was
A Mountan climber.
It still hasn’t come to pass that I’ve written a singles ad
And for that I am grateful.
I’ve hiked, sure.
Who hasn’t and
Maybe some were mountains
But this poem is about how
If I were a mountain climber
I would only climb Everest
Why climb smaller mountains
When Everest exists.

So this reader wrote this "But if you can only think of Everest you'll stay grounded.... at the bottom."

The reader's name was mustluvbyx-- a screenname you see, so I'll respond to them with that name:

Dear Mustluvbyx,

I am seeing your screnname as must love bikes? is that right? I like bikes so we shouldn't have a problem.

I see your point about the poem. I wonder what Delmont meant but let's be honest it's all guesswork with poetry especially when the poet is deceased and absolutely no PHD thesis much less critical canon exists.
Nevertheless, I think you are seeing the poem with the lenses of reality and Delmont barely wanted to spend time there, so though I see your point that one must climb or consider the climbing of smaller mountains an argument can be made that Everest is really all there is.

Thanks and keep reading,

Right after I wrote this well considered note back to Iluvbix I recieved the second couplet of Delmont Klein's last remaining unrhyming poem(water damage) via U.S Post. The museum of the obscure finally sent it to me after years of pestering them. It seems that only a threat of a lawsuit got their lazy asses to respond.

Missing Couplet of Mounds vs. Mountains

Smaller mountains are there for some
the world is big and some are born
to just sit on mounds
but, some are not
and if they are by sad circumstance
to sit on mounds
they will cry and wail
not to mention whine
and even more not to mentions

Highest peaks are notoriously
hard to climb
fatalities documented
and undocumented
every year
but but but
it's been done
and I for one
think more should
chance losing their present lives
to at least
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