Wednesday, August 12, 2009


As I make copies of proofs of services(LONG LONG STORY) I looked over my blog. I've come to like it more since my sister read it yesterday, for the first time in a long long time.She seemed to not find it shameful. She told me that it's definately ADD and that the Tig Stuff is not making sense to anyone but those in the know and she like's Zack's posts the most(He is the gay who posts here in gayplacesandstuff or whatever)but overall she sat here scrolling for hours. Her opinion means the world, as they say, and so you're stuck with me for a long time, blog.

The post about Mercy reminded me how it's best I didn't pursue any career as an actress. There is so many terrible thing that go along with it but the worse for me would be to say, " What, are you trying to knock out a T-REX?"

I would roll my eyes and snort and be kicked off, etc.
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