Wednesday, August 12, 2009

lively not crazy and that is what the jury will think

A day of infamy, you guys. Mark it on your calenders- August 12 2009. Fern McFern is going to clean up this town. One day this blog entry will be a part of history. The los angeles legal system is a disaster and let's hope the federal courts are not as bad as now with hundreds of due process violations and exhausting alternatives, the spinster sisters and their succubus are off to experience the federal system. All because a sick fling had some messed up marbles.

Illegal exparte witnessed by too many. Illegal Hearings. John Grisham meets Nabokov. Harridans against cherubs. No doubt about it-- good vs. evil. I admit it, I believe in god.

Burned at the stake, so be it. Hit us with your best shot, suckers, cause you messed with the wrong musketeers. I never knew what warriors we are. Interesting.
Going to sue the hell out of Cohen-Kalpakian( defamation, abuse of process, malicious prosecution, fraud-) And, I wonder if she saw the reaction others had to me and to them. She came off as Nurse Ratchet and I as Mcmurphy that's for sure and it was a rooting for Mcmurphy crowd.

I bet Waxler and Kalpakian have a house and maybe kids and husbands and a car and all that but they don't have souls and they sure don't have consciousness and I wish I could buy some for them.

What a poetic and profound chapter this is turning out to be.

This blog will heat up soon as the need to expose to as many as I can what I have witnessed, is growing too strong. I'll be getting many transcripts soon and will post it. What a creepy hoot. What a hinky kinky blowout.
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