Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I need this thing to be a splash !


Read my silly blog!


I now check out this Google Anylitics and no time to make much sense of it but it appears that my stroller up the ass post was semi- successful. So I'll be doing more anti "mom" stuff for sure.

After a week,  I still say to all the Moms who constantly describe themselves as "Moms" and blog about being Moms to stick a stroller up their asses.  You got knocked up,  and now some(by all odds) awful child came out your you know, and now its on its way to being an awful  teen and then adult and then some dreadful senior citzen, and there is no demand for any more people!

And, stop pretendng that soccer mom is a  precious concept. It is not. It is some crazy herd mentality issue you need to deal with if you call yourself that.

Another semi successful post was the Michael Jackson killed the Iranian revolution.

I suspect it was just because Michael Jacksons name was in the title but who knows.

Where or where is the Iranian Revolution????????????
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