Tuesday, August 25, 2009

this dam must burst

My god, to hear my mother on the phone would be so tragic if it wasn't so damned comic.

She is a master of drollery and she is now willy nilly calling some jewish association to complain about what jewish judges are doing and she just said, " I want you to know about my bruthren"

She knows every word in the english language but says it wrong and she meant brethren, see.

She just got off the phone and she liked Stan. But, he won't help. When you are dealing with corrupt judges, and corrupt cops you are in a pickle- and again, that saying doesn't make any obvious sense. She get over that jews are doing this to us-- it's a pickle, for sure.

When this hideous odyssey started I was sure that me and my mother and even sister were powerful-- in a mental and force of conviction sense- but so far I have to admit  I was overly confident in our wiles.

When I wrote this e-mail that was sent after I was kicked out  and humiliated by Notaro for absolutely no reason: I really thought that I had the this substancial power I spoke of- maybe I still do but not so much today, if you know what I'm saying. Or maybe we've fought better and harder than most-- who knows-- ..
And, then to know that this truly evil Tig Notaro is scot free is just a bit much -- most of the time.

Subject: (no subject)

Date: 4/8/2008

To: tignation@hotmail.com

I had absolutely no beef with you. I just didn't. Why would I? But, for you to make up a false accusation of me pushing you and have me kicked out when I asked you if I'd heard right about that is incomprehensible. My sister and I were told to check out the Walsh brothers and she didn't want to go so I decided to see what turned out to be your show. You were excellent, and the show was great and that's that. Why would you want to lie about and hurt someone in your audience? I never deserved or anticipated that you'd make up some lie and then have me thrown out. What a hateful thing to do to someone who just pays you a compliment and who has nothing to do with you except for some bad fling ,over a year ago, with your then ex girlfriend. I'll do everything in my (substantial) power to get even.
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