Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm about ready for this day to be over

Was a mix of grimness and blood sugar. Thanks for asking.

Just saw a special on Ted Kennedy and felt heartsick that the book  I read(Chapaquidick) was pretty much how I always viewed him and then how awful that is and how easy it is for a whole complicated life to become so easy to judge and how I should know better. He seemed like a great man actually and vulnerable and charming and I regretted any kopechne thoughts.
But, then I am an obscure blogger and feel like a redaction is a little too serious.

Want to talk about Americas got talent. Much opinions and thoughts I'd like to share because I'm scared they'll eventually lead to some brain hermorrage if they don't get out. But, all those broken dreams just funked me out and now the results show is on and Isharra gets on my nerves(Lose the blonde- it just doesn't sit well) and Coney Island Chris saddened me beyond measure and made me think that the Hoff was a bit cold and I have this extremely curious desire to beleive the hoff is a good and authentic man. His alcholism only makes me like him more and I would have never guessed that he had such a quirky sense of humor from his potrayal of that head life guard on that baywatch show or when he was the Knight rider. Nothing as it seems.

The african flyers are demolished. The sweet dancing dog and the lady with the zest for life and coney island chris are back to ... i don't know. I hope somewhere happy!

Getting rid of the young turks this time and very good because giving the old rags with shredded dreams a chance strikes me as much more profound.

Nick Cannon- Nice kid but if he was muted everytime he spoke nothing would be lost to history.

The Mercy show seems like a real stinker. who are they trying to kid with this renegade nurse shit? Oh, I'm so fierce and am not your regular apathetic nurse but one who CARES.. I am a red blooded woman and all that entails and you'd be lucky to get in my unit/ward if you were ill blah blah blah and they'll be love interests that's for sure. I'm not a softie don't get me wrong, but a nurse with LAYERS who doesn't take guff but will take your blood with delicacy and precision.

 Isharra, I told you to get rid of the blonde. Isharra never listens to me. Ishara has been voted off

Depression commercial on now and smart because watching so many dreams get dashed on this americas got talent show is... depressing. Piers grew on me. Sharon Osbourne has the heart to give large compliments and that is something.

Reba macyntire on show now and seems somehow wrong. Not so much wrong but not right either.

So many acts get off the stage and the non Einstenian Nick Cannon will say, " how do you think you did" to this act and 9 times out of 10 they say, " Awesome" and that's it....

staples commercial - idiotic teen says "booger". Millions of dollars in ad campaign money for gross teen to say "booger" and then poor old actress playing mom saying some godawful line.

Please replay cymbalta commercial. Anybody out there tried that?

vonage. commercial................. HELP.

Please America, get rid of the awful precocious girl dancer and her hapless little boy partner!
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