Wednesday, August 26, 2009

eternal grimness or glucose

More nasty thoughts about the Clintons not feeling bad about Ted Kennedy.

But as politicians they can't express that and being a politician seems to me like the worst thing in the world. That and a corrupt prosecutor. Ambition for ambition's sake is not pretty.

Had a  strange day and then just  read an article about "the biking lifestyle"  in some old magazine and that it all made me want to be a vocal advocate of the hermit lifestyle. Then  getting the mail ran into someone from the building -- a guy who seems to represent everything scary and strange. Looong story.

I have both a figurative and literal case of the creeps and I hope that the food I just ate will return my blood sugar to levels that make this feeling that menace and malfeasance are everywhere , just temporary.

Vell, Veel of Fortune is on and Vanna still looks great and my mother says V instead of W and that's what that's about and I am grossly engrossed with this bounce rate analytic business and am ashamed as I am not writing out of neccesity and I feel it shows.

It's all so wretched or it glucose?
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