Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lisa Ling's sister saga and mine

Man, I never thought I'd say this but... my motions are H O T. And, that's something that will make sense one day to my entirely silent(as of late) viewers.

Read more of that dear imbecile's diary and I called one of the numbers and it's not him and he didn't know what I was talking about. For Karma's sake I'll try harder to get ahold of him but the more I read of his diary the more I feel that he would do better not be in possession of it.

Still, I truly hope he never comes upon this blog because he doesn't know how very unbright he is and I only like to hurt the feelings of the evil.

a bit more from his song, "Michael"

No matter where you are
you'll always be in our heart
even if its near or far
nothing can keep us apart
Oh shanti
Oh shanti
Oh shanti.
No one can erase the history you made
and it all began at a very young age
when we saw the stage we were amazed.

It's about 20 pages long but I'll parse it, as they say.

I really need to digest the fact that I might indeed have mad ryhming skillz, comparatively at least, and try to be as ambitious as this poor lad(or lass)seems to be by his black spiral notebook diary. He's got plans and me and my sister can't get over how dumb he is but I wouldn't be at all surprised if he fares better than us in the mundane sense or in the long run. OK, I would be surprised, but I'm so used to being unpleasantly surprised as of late that it's... surprising.

I for some reason assumed it was a boy because of the name with the number but I'm now not sure.

So I read a snippet to my mother who often inquires to my activities and I read it to her and tell her how lauren picked it up at staples copy machine by accident. I read the snippet and say "He wrote this,"... and my mother goes... "Is he a homosexual?"

I said, not really, can't tell but I just thought he was stupid.

But, in my mother's world no man writes to another man like that and isn't a homosexual. She hasn't taken to "gay" yet!
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