Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My plea

America, if it was up the repugnant Tig Notaro you would all be labeled stalkers and jailed if you'd piped up at those townhalls.
Thank god she is repeating her jokes somewhere and not in charge of the town halls as she is "desirious' of jailing people for being mildly pissed off when assaulted by things they can't approve. It is time that I asked for your help America against a scourge that has somehow obtained corrupt representation- the fat but tenacious Allison Sievers and the sad State of California and some other corrupt individuals that have long been discovered though they couldn't know that. (HA!)

Stop, fascism. Stop the homely and foolish Tig(Mathilde) Notaro from standing in the way of freedoms! Stop.

I bet Mathilde is for letting all the elderly rot(As for obamas shitty healthplan) as she hates anyone but her youthful "friends" who in all likelihood can't stand her and her "always on" personality.

Let Ms. Fern blog without such distractions. Any withered lesbian who names themselves "Tig" and commites perjury should be jailed at ONCE. Townhalls, come by!
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