Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Terry Fator. Yum

Beautiful out. First time one can feel like a person instead of a grilled sandwich. So, I decided to take a walk to get my cigarettes. The whole time I had to tell myslef that it was natural and good to be a pedestrian and that moving my body was healthful. In L.A it gets to feeling like one is on a tricycle.

Walking I see things and it makes me think of you blog. Seriously.

A big Levis billboard on a bus stop and I think how desperated they've become. They had some sex campaign awhie back and now they are trying some other tack and it is like looking at some once cool friend or lover who has just gone scarily desperate on you and killed aLl illusions with one overanxious expression.

In short: Poor Levis. They used to be the only game in town and now they scramble as the the jean geniuses beat them as it is too late-- levis-- your empire is history--
Seven fo all mankind, history of mankind, Lucky, New religion, The future is yours , history repeats itself , have replaced you as the denim of choice and I can't say I blame us, as they really know what they are doing! My ass! Wow. How does it do that? Shiit, they got it down.

So, then I'm walking thinking about all the times I prayed for certain 501's to fit just right and how sometimes I got lucky and sometimes I just felt awful as the jean just didn't fit right at all and how that all is history because Levis just can't makea comeback.

And, then I see a big bilboard for Joe's Jeans which I've never owned yet(Damn you Goodwill) and there is two women in a bed and it looks like they are just staring at the camera and some retard somewhere is hoping that onlookers grow so titilatted by this apparent lesbianism that they buy the jean sight unseen.


And then a mediation on advertising ensued but I feel you've had enough, blog. Terry Fator on !!!!!! must run
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