Sunday, August 16, 2009

rock and roll and not royalty reserved for faster foods

"Sushi King "opening soon on the corner by my place. Big Yellow crown logo on a piece of sushi.

Shwarma or falefel King, sure -- donut king, off course -- burger king(DUH)
but Sushi?! rock and roll. Sushi of our times is Rock related. Not jazzy sushi or Rythm and Blues Sushi but Rockin Sushi and Rock and Roll Sushi and Roll and Rock Sushi. Chances are that you can find an Elvis Roll. But, no no no no .... Sushi King won't fly, dear business owner(s)up the block.

And, no no no! get that big yellow crown of that damned Sushi's head. Get that damn illustrated crown off the damned Sushi's head.

So many business's need me bad.
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