Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shout out to Villagrossa and Shwartzenneger and Trutanich

I guess it's particularly newsworthy when something very bad happens to someone who has such bad things happen already. I'm not sure whether it's a dumb illlusion but most of us think there is some quota system on suffering. Survive the unrelenting and murderous brutality that kills 6 million jews and I think it's headshaking to see someone being targeted for death again and failing to survive.

My mother it turns out(Just found out many facts this year) survived and survived and went through so much it's unbelievable.

Hungary in 1944- taken to ghetto-survives
Three trains leave Hungary two to Aushwitz and certain death and one to strasshoff germany- mother just turns 5 and endures this all till she just turns 6
Sent to Bergen Belsen from Strasshoff- Mother survives
A week before the english were to liberate Bergen Belsen the Germans send three trains of survivors to their deaths. One is eventually rescued by the Russians, one is never heard of again and it is beleived that all were gassed and the other one got all lost and confused because the engineers didn't want to commit suicide with the jews(as were there orders)

So there again my mother survives- 7 days on a train with no food or water. Stufffed in their like .... ok.... sardines.
And, then when she is 11 she gets Meningitis. Most who got it then were deaf or blind or something lousy, but not my mother-- came out a bit loopy perhaps but that's about it.

Then the only brother she relates to out of them all (3) dies at 20 in the Sinai War. It goes on and she keeps her spirit and is a magically charming human being.

Now, at 70 her life is being threatened and Anthony Villagrosa and Arnold Shwartezenegge need to tell Villagrossa's sister, Mary Lou Villar(Who doesn't seem to give one shit about doing the right thing), to stop letting Tig Notaro, Allison Sievers, Lavely and Singer, The LAPD's Threat Management Unit(completely corrupt) Jennifer Waxler and all of the City Attorney, and all the corrupt judges of the Los Angeles Superior court( Gerald Rosenberg, Elizabeth Grimes) to stop threatening the life of my mother because all your evil after what she has been through is endangering her life. STOP IT. None of you believe in karma, obviously, but I am telling you that this is not a fight we will lose, long run or short run, and the pen is mighty and you are all sick bozos if you allow this travesty against a holocaust survivor to continue. All the documents will be shown to the public and this will be exposed so try to limit the damages, bozos.

Villagrossa and Shwartzenegger seem to care about Holocaust survivors etc. and it is long overdue for them to stop the wrongful abuse of my mother.

Tig Notaro, a disturbed barely literate sociopath should be jailed for perjury immediately. She is a monster and a menace, and whomever has joine with her in such true evil will not get away with it.

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