Sunday, August 2, 2009

World, where are you?

I'm so hoping for a lively debate in my comments section and I know that once I really have the time and energy I will lure lots to discuss important topics.

Such as: why are cows fat if they eat grass, why has the world gone to pot? Why are people so passive most of the time?

I will lure you and we will discuss and have fun the minute I officially kick the sloppy stupid asses of some godless bitches. I never realized how naive I was and I miss not knowing that so many can live their lives without integrity or humanity. Blech on you all!

I know too that in 2 yearsd( I won't need 3 after what I've been through) or less I will officially be a lawyer and a great one ... a really great one. I will do much much pro bono and just enough other stuff to make a modest living-- which to me entails no constant I'm going to be homeless anxiety, decent apartment and decent food and as little decrepitude as possible. Money is power, sadly, and so the more I make the better society will fare. My major issue about that is whether I should go to Yale or Harvard because I think I'm ready and able and will get in once they see evidence that I belong there.

I wrote 20 legal motions already and I'm getting more and more polished at this and in time I will be a master motion maker. What a crock! I am intrigured by law and my love of language makes it constantly exciting. Finding out about Howard Williams and what a nebish rat he was was a great thing. Self reliance is what it's all about.

Top notch lawyer by day and comedy and other creativities at night. Enough money to relax and read read read and learn learn learn and if I'm lucky love love love a lot -- of people worthy of love.

Glad for this blog as adressing the abyss is necessary at a time like this.

How are you all doing on this First day of August? Have you an answer as to why cows are so damned fat when they supposedly only eat grass. Are cows such gluttons for grass that they eat thousands of calories of grass??

And, if so.... do they enjoy the grass or is it compulsive and do they fret about thier girth?

Off I go to flex muscles I never knew i had.

cia bellas.
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