Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stay at home mom mommy blogger with a stroller up her ass

Looking around the blogosphere and lots of these Mommy blog things. It really has become some retarded identity and now mommies are all about being so busy and harried and shit and that's what happens when you can't face being a barren old lady, mommyface. A whole section on Bloggers choice for "Best Mommy Blogger" I checked some out and they are hopping with comments and hits and Mom stories about dented SUV's and bulk buying tips.

What if you're filled with fibroids or just don't think making babies is such a hot idea???

I think it's best that this blog be one big fat rant because the world is just a total pest.

Mothers have been around since Eve! Stop makings such a fuss about it, stick your stroller up your ass etc.
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