Sunday, August 9, 2009

This post better stir some controversy

As I stated previously!, I was at Ralphs yesterday. I forgot to mention the most important part of that visit, and that was the entrance. There at the entrance or a few feet in, there was a girl with a balloon and holding a Ralphs circular. And, this should have foreshadowed the hot dog debacle but at the time I just knew I must blog about these awful evil new jobs that have been added to the increasinlgy wretched American landscape.

I said to my sister(who accompanied me to Ralphs) when out of hearing range of the girl with the tasmanian devil balloon, I said, Lauren, do you know why she was standing there with a balloon and she said, " No. I just thought she's eccentric."

And, I explained to her that this was a new job description created to make life increasingly unbearable. And, that this girl was a "greeter" and after the hot dog misery what a waste because I left that Ralphs with lousy feelings and that greeter with her balloon sure didn't help. Then I told my sister(who notices a lot but not everything) that there is also a job where individuals stand on street corners and solicit... you to go to a store that is not that visible and so this individual stands in whatever weather and has some sort of arrow with " Jamies Electronics, super blowout special." and some know what a blowout special is and so they might veer there car and I guesse investing 8 dollars an hour for some human to suffer on some sidewalk is worth the investment for Jamie's Electronics.

And, part of the job description is obviously that those stuck in this horrible fate must look super duper cheerful and they wave and wave and wave and wave this sign at oncoming traffic. They even sometimes jump up and down and they don't do this from a natural enthusiasm. They do it because that bastard Jamie has no care for human dignity but only his shitty little profit Margin. I hate Jamie and I don't even think he really has an electronic store as I just used that as I couldn't remember the exact signs I'd seen. Fuck you, Jamie, let my people go!

It's too early for me to get so worked up but these new jobs must be banished! Having some sweet faced mexican girl hold a baloon and a circular is not going to help nor will it erase the sins of the misshapen and super duper rude Toyan Lebrew(That was the Ralph witch's name) and any store who makes a fellow human stand out in the heat and jump up and down because they don't want to advertise in a way that costs them more, they won't get my business! That's right and now that I have exposed this to the blogosphere I hope a boycott results on any store that degrades the human spirit of its workers so needlessly.

According to Craigslist they are getting paid max 10 bucks an hour and so don't think that mad money might make it worth it for the poor worker.
The whores are not on streetcorners but on Craiglist , but an even more sordid sight has replaced them!!!!!!!!
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