Wednesday, August 26, 2009

stroller up ass idea getting nice response hit wise

I have a 33 percent bounce rate, y'all.

That kind of means that this blog isn't a total flop and I should continue sharing my sillinesses with the great expanse.  I won't be satisfied until I have a lively comment section but still.... mildly decent news.

I have a reader in Oman and Argentina and that excites my business. I wish they were more talkative but what can you do. I haven't any made one overture to any social networking site and once I do(and I kind of must) I foresee an even better bounce rate.

I'm sure it's very tacky for this newbie to discuss her bounce rate but I never claimed not to be a tacky newbie etc. No need to pretend etc.

I'm still not understanding Oprah's appeal at all. I wish sometimes that she would stick a stroller up her ass.

Much to discuss
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