Wednesday, August 26, 2009

conflicting feelings on this celebrity death day August 26th 2009

What a day! Post of the century on its way.

This blog feels like a bit of a hog and if I don't feed it fresh content it makes hog sounds.

So I'll say some things that are nasty and that I'm thinking so someone out there thinking similar nasty things won't feel bad...

Well, the Kopechne family sure isn't mourning Ted Kennedy today. Poor Mary Jo.

And, if that isn't rotten enough I just heard that Dominick Dunn died and... So Larry King just said, " He was a giant of a man," and I truly don't feel loathing for many celebrities( Julia Roberts, Tyra) and dislike for a few of them (oprah, george clooney,dr phil, Donahue etc) but Dominick Dunne gave me all kinds of bad feelings and i had the very unkind thought that I'm happy Ted Kennedys stole his death thunder. He was the kind of man that would wear tiny italian loafers and not look at you if you weren't "A list", or that was my take on Mr. Dunne(that could be totally wrong and I'd be fine with that,)at least.

The post of the century is coming up but for now that will have to do you hogish blog, you!
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