Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too much

Some guy on Tv was saying how powerful the internet is. So far, I'm finding this shout out to the void -- dissapointing. But, I'll keep trying:

America, Europe, Africa, Anyone:

There is incredible corruption in the Los angeles Superior Court, The LAPD's threat managemnt unit, the city attorney etc.

It is truly a mix of Grisham and Kafka and I have all the documents.

The freshest assault of illegality and general evil is that Felise Cohen Kalpakian and Jennifer Waxler were willing to try and get me committed to some mental facility because they know they can't win. And, these fools want to win what??? These women aer parents and they can live with themselves after what they did? I don't think I'll ever get over that.
They ambushed me into 5 illegal unnoticed hearings and I know it all and see it all as did many people in court that day especially that ex parte.

Division 40- Criminal Courts building-- Mary Lou Villar not there but there is the seemingly pleasant Judge Samantha Jessner on the bench, and Kalpakian and Waxler-- are willing to go straight to the sewer and now they want me declared incompetent because if I'm pro per they will lose big and not be able to scare any attorney and they can never scare me with anything-- I refuse to lose to such immoral and disgusting creatures.
They just went too far and the ugliness quotient is too burdensome and I will not shut up about the corruption of the three judges appointed by Arnold Shwartzenneger(Mary Lou Villar, Edmund Willcox, Samantha Jessner) the vile illegal practices of Felise Cohen Kalpakian and Jennifer Waxler and the city attorney in general. I won't shut up about the pathetic and disturbed Tig Notaro and what she has done to me, my family, and the friggin state of california.
I never pushed or threatened or touched Tig Notaro. I never had a negative thought about Notaro until I met her once briefly but I never went near her and there are witnesses! She is a sociopath that will be jailed eventually.

I said "good show" as Notaro purposely stood by me at Largo. She planned the whole thing. Why? because she's as crazy and sick as it gets. I really don't know Stef Willen's role exactly. I was told by Gregozek that she will testify that I pushed Notaro. I know that she made some serious accusations about her roomates and she might be a vicious liar who told this Notaro things to manipulate Notaro to feel entitled to do what she's done to me. Or she could just be weak and scared and wants to hang out with Tig and will do anything. Or she's caught up in it and regrets what she's done(lied to the police.) That will all come out and no one will not be sued and exposed till the truth comes out.

Then, comes Val myers and boxenbaum and wittels and ponce and what a living nightmare. I never knew there were that many shitty people. Seriously. Is it L.A?

All Tig Notaro said and had others say is a big fat lie and the evidence is there for the asking. I never did one criminal act and for more than a year the taxpayers are paying for this phony case because Lavely and Singer is pressuring them and the threat management unit and because they know that once I win at trial they will have to pay me for the incredible damages wrought by their sickening participation. The only way that can stop this debacle is to kill me so if I'm killed I hope my reader in Argentina knows what's up.

On this day August 19, 2009, I hereby lose faith in humanity. I wouldn't be surprised if those two witches(Cohen -Kalpakian, Waxler) read my blog and they should know that they have really just decided to trample the wrong people.

And, Judge Samantha Jessner, thinking I'm duped by her performance and that I don't see how she has sold her soul(if she ever had one) for some empty goal(politics,money ?) and I don't see how she thinks that giving such an illegally obtained, and degrading order will be acceptable to higher courts. Or maybe she's figured out a way to corrupt them too if they aren't already corrupt.

Does her husbands' and mom's law firm (Jessner Phillips) do buisness with lavely and singer? We'll see. But I'm not going to let her ambitions and goals destroy mine. I'm a far superior human being and I won't let such lousy coldhearted characters get away with thier godless machinations.

Does she plan to pay off the appeals judges? That wouldn't be surprising. Doesn't she realize that I will subpeona all those PD's that witnessed that travesty and is she that cynical to beleive that none of them will risk their jobs to tell the truh. It's very possible that her cynicism is justified and I'm a naive doofus. We'll find out.

And I see Mary Lou Villar and how her clerk is in some kind of cahoots-- and it is all a mafia. Wow.

I see how they brought in a retired judge with a reputation for immorality and I know that the appelate courts will not accept his bogus rulings.
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