Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tyra scares me

My mother said this about Tyra Banks
"She's not stupid."
because for reasons unknown tyras daytime show is present in my home.

I said, " Mother, there is never to be anything positive said about Tyra in this house."

I absolutely can't stand Tyra Banks. I have a true aversion to her and have a hard time making sense of her sucess. Something about her just makes me stressed and pissed and I'd say it's because she's completely phony.

So many sweet nutty babies were born that became phonies and it's really pretty tragic.

Anyhow, then My mother said,
"Well she's as smart as Oprah"
And I didn't disagree.

Oh, man she's awful. Tyra is now lecturing some poor sod prostitute in a some totally inorganic way. Tyra doesn't give a shit. That's for sure.

It's still on and I'm too distracted to beg my mother to get that friggin Tyra Banks out my face.
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