Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ugly people have always hated me and sis

Sister had a tough love encounter with her bff. After weeks of this BFF saying that animate or inanimate things were "Awesome" sister finally said, " do you like that word?" The friend I supsected would take it well, and she did. She said, " Come to think of it it's a stupid thing to say." And, that is why they've been friends for about 23 years. I think that is resolved and "Awesome" won't escape the lips of this smart but not smart enough girl who fell into the filthy trap of "Awesome," or at least that's how I see it.
Sister is able to let others say stupid things and still say friends. I'm ten times more gregarious but when it comes down to it I like ridding myself of failed friendships and the use of the word "Awesome" would be enough. I just can't overlook what its use represents.

I was going to rail about this and how sued Kalpakian will be this week, What a lying corrupt piece of dowdy bitter shit she is. I want to go on and expose this homely sour rotten Cohen- Kalpakian, but I am about to haVe a multitasking catastrophe so I must go.
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