Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Illegal ex parte with so many witnesses, what were you thinking?

I was kidding when I'd say "this is my last hurrah" but in the end, it had a large grain of truth. Not, in any sad way but in a sense that I've been liberated completely from... useless fear.

It must be known: There is grave corruption in the justice system and America is a myth. If townhalls can get all animated because of healthcare I am telling you that even more pressing concerns must be adressed-- the justice system in Los Angeles, at least, is sick sick sick. I have all the documents, transcripts, tapes, and if I don't get killed- I will be a REFORMER. Yes, that right, a reformer. Quaint? Perhapse

Today a falsely accused person can endure illegality after illegality and all at the hands of those we are taught to have faith in. Some ugly twisted master ass kisser gets to be friends with the uninteresting Sarah Silverman and the rest is history.

This demented neglected master ass kisser and all around simpleton is named Tig "Mathilde" Notaro and what she wouldn't do to win a losing battle against her betters, but the big picture is that she has ruined her life. If she had seen how the PD's responded and the people in the "audience" she'd know that the jig is up. It was out of a damn movie. And if willen is behind the 'she's crazy" tactic all will be done to show how deviant and crazy "Stef" Willen is.

I keep getting a regular flow of readers and so I know someone might see this and understand they are not alone when faced with the shabby wrath of Kalpakian and co.
It's actually cliche how bad some of these villains are and how poorly they underestimated ... everything. Two judges so far have been elected by Shwartzenneger and I'll google the third one and if they too were chosen by Arnold, another great chapter to this story.

If anyone knows anything about the Threat Management Unit of the LAPD, and their association with Lavely and Singer and the judges of the Superior court of Los Angeles, drop me a line.

Fair Hearing-- my ass
Due process- bullshit
judges- monsters
defiance in the face of said facts: priceless.

I happen to know how illegal and actionable the statements of Jennifer Waxler and Jill Cohen- Kalpakian were today and I even know the citations and statutes that apply and they'll be no more illegal hearings, that's for sure.
and I know the judges were acting illegally and I look forward to making a big stink about that-- enough of a stink that many will be forced to hold thier noses and search there sick sad souls.
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