Monday, September 21, 2009

Another memo from your neighborhood Nostradamus

Save the sweet ass seniors!!   My guru is a senior and I hear that Obama is giving them swine flu vaccine last???

If this is true, it's frigging science fiction-- deciding that seniors are more expendable  than snotty children and pimply teens....and tedious middle agers...

Seniors, stay strong out there !! I'm here to press  rights and respect for the human ...who is not young. What a crock! age, wisen up, fall apart, deal with it as best as you can, and get the swine flu because some president decided that you're not as vital to this slimy world

The democrats have become awful fools- Carter, Pelosi, that fat ass Richardson, Reid-- all these lousy limousine liberals(didn't want to alliterate! I swear) and now with the old folks getting dissed by Obama. Independents should rise up and save this rotting country. C'mon!
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