Monday, September 21, 2009

Back from the back doctor-- a handsome man who for 42 years is very interested in the back,spine, bones and joints of all kinds . How do I know?  because once again the doctor talked straight to me rather than the patient- my mother. I think I have eyes that look interested or something. Either way, my mother doesn't like it. So, he spoke to me like an equal about things that I was and still am utterly clueless about. I saw all my mothers bones on a screen and it looked like a mess. Smal 70 year oldl caucasian women fare badly bone wise , especially when they find excercise and self preservation of all kinds to be sort of silly.

 My mother laughed when she heard that I had no idea what the man was talking about.
Well, good news is my mother got a shot in her shoulder and the doctor doesn't want her to have an operation. Right beforehand, some yenta called and she without notice says she is coming to our house right after the operation and she asked my my mother millions of intimate question sand now my mother is ecstatic that she can tell the yenta to get lost. She loathes yentas.

handsome and sweet African (Kenya) guy  in the doctors office commented on how great it is to have a close family when looking at us and I blurted out " Not everyone thinks so, you know." )and , He said, " No. NO. they are so wrong." And the way he said it I knew again that he was right.
And, I thought of all the creeps and how they always hate their mothers.

On the way home I said to my mother, " I should write a blog post that says, "hey, look Gregozek and Hoffman, look at them and see what you've done," ,and  I should post pictures of boxenbaum, wittels, and all the other shleppers.  I said, "mommy, I know one thing-- Gregozek and Hoffman would hate Boxenbaum on sight -- they're rotten ...but they're men. And, my mother disagreed about Gregozek completely but I still contend that if they were one bit human they'd cringe at the sight of Boxenbaum( and the rest of the mean geeks) and if they were one bit human they'd  hate themselves for unleashing  such  a can of snakes on me and my family.
 But, actions speak loudly and this is just a  useless thought that I'm sharing with you, blog.
 Depending on many factors, a collage may be made and presented here in the near future.
 I always did well with collages back in school.

How are you today readers?

Facial Paralysis INSTITUTE in building with bone doctor.  Jesus, you are being rude about the wheel!
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