Tuesday, September 22, 2009

castro had something, brother not so much

Arafat(was) not hot.
Sharon- how is he doing? It would be grand if he just woke up already!
 Was sexy when younger but now looks like a teletubbie(no shame in that game.)

Benazir Bhutto- attractive
her husband - not sexy

None of the British ones seemed sexy to me.

This is the silliest and worst of all my blog posts. I have this senseless desire to get a 100 hits a day and so I put up crap.

Just got back from the library and so many beautiful books and I have to re-read the law book on civil suits. Bitter. Bitter. Bitter.

Still took book out about the story behind the blacklisting in Hollwood(Mcarthy etc)
A book by a guy named Kashner about his time with the beats called, "when I was cool"-
Screenplay book and short story book in hopes to make a living creating somehow when extricating ourselves from the miserable paws of the gruesome twentysome.

Book in libarary called-" how to outsmart History and win."
I didn't take it on as  I am not currently strong enough.
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