Tuesday, September 22, 2009

hotties and notties

Suddenly, this huge movement of Philipinos to customer service and they make you yearn for the Indians.

Bibi Netanyahu on Tv and he is one of the very few world leaders or almost world leaders with sex appeal.

Obama actually has some but Bush Sr and Jr, and Gore and Kerry, Howard Dean, Clinton a little bit but not much imho, Hillary has sex appeal- definately, Mcain a little bit. But, Benjamin Netanyahu is a hottie!

Quadaffi and Aminajad-- mabye really rough trade on Quaddafi but amindajad-- no way!

Chavez-- Not hot

Sarkozy-- yeah, I guesse but in a cheesy way.

Sister and mother just disagreed that Netanyahu is sexy,  so it is I guess eye of the beholder stuff.

Comments and lively debate over who is sexy when it comes to  world leaders always welcome.
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