Friday, September 25, 2009

Fritters, Bisexuals and atheists

Not all fritters are made alike – this will tie in to atheism soon but for now I just want the donut community(see donut community post) to know I haven’t abandoned them and plan to blog about donut store locations and names and quality very soon. Yesterday, on the way back from the courthouse I was telling my sister that my favorite quote is by Tennesse Williams in one of his plays, “ So suddenly god.” That line strikes me as immensely profound and is a line that hits me more than any other. And, it accounts for why I gave up on trying to even consider atheism. In short: at times where I’m sure that no god can exist so suddenly something happens that make it feel as if not only does he exist but that he is firmly in my corner. Seeing how this bunch: boxenbaum, young, and willen , most likely notaro and the others too-- claim to be atheists—I’m starting to believe that Atheists are for real( foxhole or no). Like with bisexuals many doubt there is really such as atheists.

it’s hard to believe that anyone can genuinely arrive at steadfast conviction that we exist in an unsupervised world. It’s too scary and depressing to consider. But, now I’m starting to see that these self described atheists indeed do not fear a righteous god and therefore are capable of doing very bad things to other people.

I thought it was just a pose—to look sophisticated—but I guess it’ not. God to me is not a guy floating up there with some rabbi like appearance or Jesus or a lady surrounded by angels etc, and I’m sure one can believe in this concept( Higher being etc) without being in any way a practicer of religion. I sure don’t go to any church or synagogue but in all my 40 years I still can’t break up with God as I am sure at anytime he can just show up an I’ll just fall in love with him again.

How does this tie into fritters? Well, court was hell yesterday. I messed up some summons and of course everything conspired to dissalow me from filing my mega civil complaint and therefore I need to wait till Monday and I really want to go on the offensive already!

Now, I see it was for the best but back to the fritter – so I stop at a 7-eleven- and just when I was losing all faith once again I spotted an Apple Fritter in the donut case. So suddenly god. They’d never had these before!

As it turned out the fritter wasn’t good at all but that is besides the point
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