Friday, September 25, 2009

Return of reccomendation feature.

John philiphs – makes you rethink the band’s name. I hope he never said, “Mckenzie, little mama, come to Papa.” One of my favorite groups of all time, but I never got the sense that John Philips was some great man so it’s very shocking but not SHOCKING. My point? If it was Paul Simon or …. Come to think of it most rock gods, pop stars, or folk heros don’t present as innocent types. Paul Simon and Paul Mcartney are the only ones coming to mind, but then --I’m hardly wracking my brains for this blog post.

The only thing worse than dad and daughter sex has got to be mom and son sex or maybe dad and son or mom and daughter. Unbearable to even think about and any kid who keeps living after that is a hero, imho.

I like the imho acronym. It allows me to sound all humble and shit.

Which brings me to a feature I’ve used before. I’ve always enjoyed passing on stuff that is particularly good soooooo.

Lady Fern’s RECOMMENDATIONS: The movie Savage Grace with Julianne Moore. Watch it or even google it to see why its mentioned here. Saw that and Hot Fuzz on the same night and thought, “they are still making terrific movies out there.”

Blog, I really want to write a post about atheism and then about the new clown terrorist and terrorism in general but time is being an unpermissive bastard.
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