Sunday, September 6, 2009

From the anals of my imagination

Spinach dip is coming along. Hoping the gang appreciates my addition of oregano, and that someone brings some chips because I forgot those and feel really not into leaving the house again today. Issues with the cashier this morning just about put me to pasture.

Without chips what the hell will happen with my dip? Labor days are particularly hard on me as there is no football games on for the gang to watch and it gets painfully silent too many times. Still, I love my gang of FRIENDS and hope I provide them with what they wish from a labor day weekend. 8 six packs of sodas(diet and non, orange, rootbeer- the works)Spinach dip made with care, semi loaded nachos(forgot the monterey jack and jalapenos too), lots of cameras(cell or otherwise)to document the ease and joy that may may may occur. what else? Hmmmm.

Hopefully, if all goes as planned with this quasi potluck, Karen will bring the Cobb salad and Tim the two bottles of vodka(Tim, please get something than Smetka this time!)and everyone will leave my apartment and not want me out of the circle of friends that I'm so grateful for. L.A is a tough town. It took me 4 years and one month to really feel confident in saying "my circle of friends." Sure, they all haven't really been there for me and visa versa but our get togethers at regular intervals assure me that they are my friends and that once i get a career going i will be even happier.

Karen just texted me " the Cob salad is almost dun." AWESOME

Today, I feel like I really have a life.
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