Sunday, September 6, 2009

the buildings barbecue better not break

gossip cop on CNN. CNN is the way to go if one wants internet success. So, Anderson Cooper( you look very buff btw) mention my blog please and I'll tell you the story of the century. Sounds dramatic? Well, so then the best story told in 9 years.

Gossip cop is a milquetoast type who is policing the gossip on the net, calling Perez Hilton et al to task etc. The Darfur and homeless issue next for gossip cop. Ali Velshi treats him with the reverence expected a man of such fire and brim.

Having a kick ass labor day so far. You? Last year I got it confused with Memorial day and made chicken wings instead of spinach dip. This year such faux paz will not repeat.

Damn, that Levi Johnston is a little asshole.
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