Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Futile and fed up blog entry

This is a live post, blog. Something fake about those scheduled ones but I keep it going and I had to be away for a long time. The mother can't drive because something is very wrong(severe osteoporosis) with her shoulder and so I took her to the skin doctor(for a biopsy on her neck) and a gynecologist(you can figure it out) and everyone just loves the mother. The mother is a jewel. I have many issues with her, as per, but really a sweet looking dame and the world smiles at us.  Can't get over the crosswalks here. I bet there are hundreds of unreported deaths daily.

And, everyboy smiles at me and my mother... then, I remember. Tig Notaro set in motion a huge filthy lie. And, I think about how I get a crush about every 10 years and how I never ever fixated or obsessed over anyone and how this Tig Notaro decided to feel famous or to get attention or just out of viciosness and spread and spread a lie  that I "stalked her" and her sickening lawyer Allison Sievers from the shitty shady lawfirm Lavely and Singer calls me a "stalker" time and time again to judges and gets away with it, and how there is only evidence to show that I'm the last thing from a stalker . And how I keep waiting for it to end and I'm told to not show all the stuff I have that will conclusively show how screwed I got. How they all lied! For a gig? For a part on the Sarah Silverman show? What  would motivate grown adults to gleefully spread life destroying lies. Munchian Scream emoticon here.  And, the evilness of the system and how Kalpakian and Waxler did things that are not something one can ignore and how I have to legally pursue them for as long as it takes. And how that judge just did an illegal exparte without shame and then granted the illegal order. Then, they made us go to Glendale early in the morning even when they knew it was cancelled. Evil, is the only word that applies. If you know anything about this ask yourselves: Did you ever see me at any show with Tig Notaro. did you see me go every week to Cap City comedy and do shows with Lisa Delarious? What would Fred Bothwell do? He would I guess be the only one to tell the truth. Did I go up all the time in NY at Dixon Place or Surf Reality or the other one with Rev. Jen?  Now, suddenly I'm stalking some ugly lesbian who I was told to go see by Willen and I just never made the effort. I googled her once and though she looked like a pleasant gym teacher. I thought she lived in Minnesota for some reason. I never thought of her except to think that she seemed like a pleasant person. I didn't even know she lived in L.A. I never went to see one show of hers. I went to see the walsh brothers because me and my sister wanted to do something togehter.  There she set in motion this devastating lie and she goes around merrily as only a sociopath could.
Ask yourself why there are witnesses in every place that saw nothing and where right there! ask yourself why Notaro told her agent lies on April 7, 2008. Ask yourself why a loser like Brian Whitaker got a gig at the Improv and thanks Tig. I was his big break. Ask yourself who Scott Boxenbaum is and what kind of character he has. Ask yourself why noone has every seen me anywhere near this Notaro ever and why she stood by me by the bar that night and was looking for trouble. Ask yourself why nobodies testimony against me matches in any way to what they tell an investigator.
 So much to do-- it's a bit much. And, all those corrupt judges with there 6 figure salaries and how could they walk around with the knowledge that they are disgraces-- they have failed as human beings in the most profound way.
. And, that dumb thug, Gregozek and his phony illegal search warrants and his being thanked in a book about corrupt cops. He thinks his callow ambitions are more important that my life and that of my family. We'll see.  And, Hoffman, doing the cliche cop Omerta. And, how and why I didn't pick up on the fact that Stephanie Willen is an evil and destructive monster who should long ago have stopped this . All I know is that I will survive as long as it takes to see all of the shitheads punished somehow. What I learned is too epically sickening to ignore and I'm on auto-pilot- what a world.

And, that shitty lawyer that I paid who reads my blog everyday and who I have two years to sue and will. And, maybe soon the California Bar will stop being a cesspool and disbar Felise Kalpakian, Waxler, and Howard L. Williams and another one who thinks he's free and clear but is NOT.
Because, they do not deserve to ever be trusted by anyone and they don't deserve cushy lifes when they recklessly destroy the lives of others. And, all those completely corrupt judges who break all the laws fearlessly. America is really a myth-- if the justice system is so completly bogus and a stupid sociopath like Tig Notaro can waste and will waste millions of dollars of California tax payers money because somehow a cow like Sievers got on board-- then I'm through with America. Which is sad. I'm through with more than America but that's for another day.

If this isn't remedied soon all evidence to show what sickos Notaro, Willen, Gregozek, Reeta Piazza( what a fucking maniac) Kevin Seccia, Micheal Griffe,  Brian Whitaker, Scott Boxenbaum,  Will Meir,  Harris Wittels, Jazmine Ponce, Babs(know her first name but can't remember right now) Val Myers, the two prosecutors named above, the judges, will be shown and linked like crazy. In the age of the internet sociopaths should be more cautious. Seriously.
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