Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tig Notaro should be in jail

So clear that people are hungering for .... good customer service. . Commercial on talking about this and I 've heard in many focus groups how important customer service/humanity is .Yet, most are deprived because we have become a robotic nightmarish society in many ways. Twitter, Facebook, rejected Myspace, faraway people dealing with our cable issues. Thingss are not good.  Customer service is BAD.

The world is not heading in the right direction.  We have now learned that the banks have no idea, the real estate market is an illusion, the justice system is a disaster. Does are president, Barack Obama, care? I don't really think so. I think he likes strutting about and proving time and time again that Barack is "the dude." I think he will be replaced in four years because by then many will recognize that the gravitas doesn't exist. I'm a dissapointed communist, really. I would love all the affluence and couples with matching Italian loafers to just dissapear. But, time has taught me that live and let live is the only way to go... try to communalize people and you will be DISSAPOINTED. One will be a lagabout, one will be a user, one will be a fascist--  My point: For some reason, uniformity fails. Human nature precludes Kumbaya.  Very good example: The Mansons.  The way it is: Rage against the dying of the light(Dylan Thomas) but recognize that it's not "all good" It just isn't t.  No way, jose. Why pretend?

Nifong, I hate your guts. Poetrywise, you are the darkness, and Kalpakian and Waxler .Samantha Jessner ,  Mary Lou Villar , Dennis Landin, Judge John Martinez, and Allison Seivers are of the same ilk.  Believe it or not-- they make decisions based on nothing but personal interest.

There is a very poignant poetry  to our unsated hunger for good customer service --but I'm out of time.

P.S. - wathced a manson documentary-- simply put: a bunch of twisted freaks in denial of their humanity and therefore so depraved.
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