Tuesday, September 22, 2009

red headed shmuck is too old to learn any new tricks

So my mother says, " He picked on the wrong person that red headed shmuck, and I go, " This loser has over 50 profiles all over the internet and no hits, no interest, so he decides to pick on ... Princess Fern... what a crock. He's way too old to learn a lesson so let's just talk about how vile he is for as long as we like. "
My mother like me is not so comfortable at this stage feeling such open disgust for another but this Boxenbaum earned it all and much more. I see him as an inflamed anal wart that needs to be adressed here and there.
Seriously, I don't think even the monumentually repulsive and utterly evil stalker(false police reports are considered stalking btw) Tig Notaro  and her real stalker, Stephanie Willen,  could have envisioned Boxenbuams' and large legged Val Myers's  volunteerism-- they in all probability encouraged it... those lesbo psychopaths.

This  Matilda Notaro  goes about doing the same joke over and over town after town after serious perjury and fraud charges patiently wait to be pressed against her and the large shoed, Alisson Sievers. Me and my sister were saying how we thought A. Sievers would be some glamourpuss and what a treat to see this slob with those huge shoes and that crappy unhollywood face.

It's funny to read about his bulldog Marty Singer and how scary he is and we just see a short fingered vulgarian and could give a shit about him and his tragic, TMU, --

and -- how they are throwing it all away for a third rate and unattractive jester. Is Beth Redick that powerful?
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