Monday, September 7, 2009

hyper- love for pets and plants often hides the blackest of souls

Can't make this shit up:

In the course of my research I come upon some individual who is the partner of the husband of the corrupt lawyer against me and this woman has 9 rip off reports anda pissed consumer" reports.I plan on filing many of those the minute it seems a little safter to do so.

These rip off reports make this woman sound like the worst of the worst and now the husband of the crooked lying lawyer is this Mary woman's business partner. Birds of a feather, you'd think. Or maybe he's one of those shlub types who enjoys being in the company of bad woman.

This guy is supposedly a music producer and deals with hip hop and yet when his wife is called a "bozo" by me(in the context of being beyond frustrated that her lawyer did nothing in 4 months(after a year of nothing being done by the shabby PD's office) she puts on a bad show about how calling her bozo made her bring in the threat unit(what they had to say is not known but they sure didn't seem to step in for this bozo calling.)

I'm sure this unethical harpy , Jennifer Abrams Waxler, has heard worst than "bozo" in the hip hop music her husband is sure to show her, but she willfully and maliciously is throwing away tons of this broken down City's money for reasons that will never satisfy a reasonable person.

I miss reasonable people so bad. They're bound to show up any day now.

The funny part is that this wretched Mary woman discussed before the wretched Waxler woman is active in pitbull support groups.

I do believe that those who make such a fuss over animals and the environment are bad people. I do. But, Pit bull rights?
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