Monday, September 7, 2009

modern horror

In evidence gathering I check a certain sociopath's blog when I remember to. She and the other POS have given me bountiful evidence by their blogs alone and today I found a new post and it was really disturbing. She is going off on the suicide of a writer and how wrong his death and how he was found is and.... incredible.

Perfectly understandable or even touching sentiment if this was a normal person doing the mourning, but this person-- invented an episode of violence, lied to police and was willing to lie about it in a court of law, and has effectively destroyed the reputation of a person who never -literally- would hurt a fly.
She has kept up the lie for almost a year and a half and has caused such grief and misery and has done so viciously and callously (Califonia alone should loathe her). She is obsessed with trying to pretend that others are obsessed with either her or her benefactor, and she has obsessively spread this lie which is too disgusting really to imagine. It is something some sick high school girl might do in some true crime book, but she's way past high school and life shouldn't feel like a true crime.
To see someone so clueless and stupid and pretending to be pained about some tortured soul while maliciously trying to torture others...

I say pretending to be pained but it's possible that it's true that she really thinks that Richard Brautigan is the only one who will ever understand her ( He would spit in her face if he knew who she is and what she did) and so it's that sociopaths self pitying cry- which is odd considering she's crying over a poet/writer-- but John Wayne Gacy liked to paint as did Hitler( Who liked to paint and loved Wagner.)
If indeed this character was lied to herself and really believes what the illiterate psychotic Notaro lied about(and that doesn't seem likely after all this time.) then she still lied to the police and was willen to lie in court and she still has the shamelessness to whine about her fallen literary heros as if she's some senstivie soul --when nothing could be further than the truth.
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