Sunday, September 13, 2009

in the end after 4 years I lodge a complaint against toyenn

My sweet lord: I'm all about this guy singing some song about money and I say to my couchbound mother- " Mommy it's like porno- you know it when you see it. This guy is talented." And then Friggin Leslie comes back and says, " You were amazing, no wonder justin timberlake and a and r records has signed you." And damned Leslie is ruining it all. If I was in charge Leslie like toyann lebrew(of ralphs fame) would be history.

Blog, did I tell you? I went to Ralphs this morning, and I got some weird heros welcome. It was reminiscent of how the PD's treat me in Division 40. So I buy some strawberries and my god " Hi, how are you. plastic? Good to see you again!"

And down deep I know it's because I ridded them of the awful manager. This is why I think i have substancial power! Perhaps, I am wrong but it is what I glean from the response I get in this world. A large ego can be a good thing!

If you don't believe me come to Ralphs on fountain with me and see how what I mean.
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