Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yiddin, who are you kiddin/ Tig Notaro is a monster pretending to be a human

This damned telethon has ony raised a million and some change so far. I blame it on Elon Gold. Hire me and see those numbers soar. I guarantee 4 million after all this fuss!

Some supposedly big shot yiddin comic on and I've never heard of him. I don't keep good track of comedians. Again, check out Peter Serafinowitz-- hard name to remember but funny as hell and I am all about supporiting the rare funny fuck. Mr. Serafinowitz's grandfather  might just have killed my family but still... funny. Ok this jewish comic is s named Mody. Makes me think of Moby  and wonder what he's up to. Never heard of Mody but godspeed.

Someone  talking about the slaughter of jews in Lithunia. BUMMER.  Many holocaust survivors living below the povery line. Not telling us this: With the goodwill and the 99 cents store poverty can ROCK. Indigence is prefarable to being "middle class' when faced with something  like some notaro comes into your sphere with sick assness.
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