Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is it my imagination...?

I want to start a blog called, " is it my imagination?" that daily or more questions the whole wide world, " Is it my imagination, that....?"

Contstant feedback on percieved realities would be so cool but I know it won't fly. I'm in that place where I feel like I'm holding a big beatiful bird but it's either unconscious or just silently lying in my palm( for reasons unsure. )I've tried to give it exta feed and water even some delicate massage, but it didn't fly the other day or today and I'm not counting on it taking flight tommorow.

Today, at Ralphs, I thought , is it my imagination... or is there a  too dizzying array of choices nowadays?  Strawberries on sale for 99 cents and three varieties- it was agonizing. Thank goodness early on I saw that one type was showing mold on the bottom of a strawberry or two and I was able to eliminate that brand with minimal remorse. Is it my imagination... or would a 40 year old or even a 30 year old or even a 20 year old get more fogeyish feeling than say 10 years ago.  I can see a 15 year old saying to a 13 year old , " In my day we  didn't have the luxury of that widget."

 I'm seeing just a non stop profusion of innovations related to stain fighters and teeth whiteners and blog and link capabilites and the meat and cheese slicer and the elevator are still not as fast as I innately feel they should be and cancer is everywhere and ... and....

This is really a post that wouldn't have been born had I had to waste paper and ink but it's free and I wonder what historians  will one day say about what the blog, twitter,e-mail, social networking shit did to communication.  My sense: Communication is worse than ever, everyone is too overwhelmed,  tons of etiquette guidelines are being messed with and no one knows what constitutes manners anymore. I could be wrong. It's hardly empirical to say that I talked about this with about 4 people and they agreed. First, the sample is too small and secondly many  people will white lie for no good reason.

Blog can you tell? I've deprived myself a fritter this morning and I just don't feel as if I should have. Now, i have to have it haunt me ... and i'm writing a really discombulated blog entry that I should not send off to the cruel world.
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