Sunday, September 13, 2009

Screeching Sunday in this no mans land.

This is the legal case against me in a  figarutive nutshell:
Tig Notaro slashed your artery for no reason, and your blood spurted onto her clothes.
She is put out, told everyone that you're the type who just bleeds on others, and gets all pissed when stabbed .  Don't you hate that kind of person?  Notaro suspects that the blood stain on her shoes also came from you. If she took a dna test of it she'd find otherwise but why bother. Let the chips fall where they may as long as she's not paying.
She would prefer you to lose all the blood already and die.  But you are no hemophiliac.
If you sue her she'll be "desirous" of your jailing because she really values the now soiled t shirt etc. She really gets attached to her shirts, what a character!
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