Tuesday, September 15, 2009

just saw a pop up that says it's adhd day today and so this post seems fine

I can't tell much from my hit counter but it does show that the same  two people always read anything I post. That could be good or bad and that's that. All I know is that it sure motivates me and that is either good or bad and that's that.
But, let's get super honest and deconstructive,  and say that  no word based writing type thingamagic hooey  has ever engendered as many caveats and preemptive excuses(see first sentence) as the blog . Look at 98 percent of blogs(maybe 100) and the blog is often the subject of the blog.

There seems to be some need to explain it away- this urge to share something of ourselves with everyone and no one in a medium not yet blessed by history

 The need to reach out always existed, but it required harder to bypass and more rarified  means. Think of the megaphone, the telegram , evita peron, hitler, the CB radio etc.

Getting a message out  to those we don't know was restricted  to the forlorn tabeleau of the bottle at the end(or beginning) of the ocean.
It's very new this instant and constant access to literally the whole world. We've been taught for so long that celebrities, politicians, talk show hosts, anchors get get heard by many and it's a good thing that they stay scripted. Could be (see emoticons, millions of imbeciles typing away etc)
So, there seems to be a trend that blogs should only focus on politics, the news, or celebrities. I blame this on many things but one of them is these conversation shut downers that have cropped up recently(don't know how recently but it seems like a long time now) catch phrases like, "it's not all about you," widespread arm chair diagnositicians overusing the words narcissistic or obsessed to describe behavior that deosn't merit it. Message board habitua's(sic) confidently stated that other message board habitau's(sic) have this or that personality disorder. note: pronounced habit too A's.

In my time, internet wise, it started with websites an those were complicated and costly and so you made your peace that you'd reach people through actual talking and the phone etc. The possibitlity of appealing to the masses was restricted to : find  a way to get into that small or big screen. New York maybe, Hollywood for sure. Maybe a great novel, serial killing for sure.
In this time, that feels more and more as not my time-- everyone is given there own screen and it is available for free 24/7. Every waking hour more like it, but the point I haven't given up yet on trying to make is that it's friggin awesome(in the true sense of that bleat of a word) and amazing(not as bad as awesome but close) and it so far is not being used ... to the .... utmost... of its potential. 

Frankly, the whole internet is turning into a lox when it could be an.... eagle. 
or to put it differently: Perez Hilton's blog gets more hits than the kid who is still trying to keep Neda's memory alive by sneaking around Tehran looking for an untraceable connection.

My stinking point? I don't want to call it a point but I guess I'm just trying to say that .... a blog/keyboard can be just as mighty as that sword. And it affords a certain anonymity that should intensify courage to fix wrongs or to create ....

blowhard blogger.
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