Tuesday, September 15, 2009

want to start a triple rhyme genre like there's a triple lutz in gymnastics

Someone reads me religiously, so in honor of them I set out to in the ten minutes allowed me write a "poem" about what I feel about religion. See, I'm a little upset that though I took 2  peotry classes in college and  I feel so insecure about writing in a way like this that I put quotation marks the word, poem. I've come to feel that "the you know it when you see it" shouldn't be reserved for porno-- it applies to much more. So, in that open vain, I'll put this up with possible future deletion in mind.

Flirting with atheism
On those days, it’s a forceful cry.

The kind of cry
that should reach the sky.

Long searching for the tunnel’s promised light.

I saw before more rounds and rounds

and me
out of the fight.

The cry came with even more  force.

The sky stayed still, and I still sane:
There was no two sided discourse.

I looked again to see

if even a cloud had stirred.

silent and still.

No thunder clap,  lightning ,  beautiful bird.

I did not ask why me?

Because, Why not me

seemed to follow just as logically.

I squinted at the sun--

That same old shine

I thought of all that was now

No longer mine.

Had it gone somewhere up there?

Just tell me!

And I’ll stay put way down here.

Fed up then of this brutal endless sky

I looked forward till the day I’d die.

Thought, how Love and hate

Had both been described as blinding

wondered Which one blinded more

And couldn’t reference a  scientific finding

Sadness and the sky were both blue

One more look:

Didn’t seem that even a cloud had shifted

The cry, now muted, filled the air with force

And not the same,
I , sanely,
 ended the one sided discourse.
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