Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Live Coverage of Americas Got America

Thelma Houston is back. Was also on American Idol. Has a good agent ,of course is wonderful.

Live coverage of Americas got Talent!

Some english Mariah Carey who is "world famous:- very talented but not something I'll illegally download anytime soon(kidding, keilbasa etc) Lyrics-" i freaked out." -- I just don't like that lyric

Very cute Grandma Lee marrying Piers. I used to find Piers awful and now I like him a lot. Grandma Lee has got a fierce case of the cute and I'd be happy if she won. Great story -- inspires me for sure.

Now, all the pros. Not interesting. I like the amateurs better.

WTF WTF - Voices of glory my ass. I did not think they were good at all. Poor Lawrence Beamer a victim of some sappy sentiment. Ouch. You're terrific Lawrence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lovely kids but voices of glory my ass.

Texas Tenors over the dancers- can't tell with dancing half the time but texas tenors would not lure me out for an evening of entetainment.

Nice rock singer will be fine. Kevin Skinner right choice. Kevin skinner reminds me exactly of Denny the manager of Cap city comedy's brother.  Nice guy, and made a wonderful steak.-- Denny not Kevin Skinner(in my experience)

Grandma Lee out and hopefully now a draw at clubs and on her way. I can't make sense of recycled percussion but I guess they are doing something wonderful.

Hoff is nutty in that good way: Love the fact that he's seen the dark side. On the surface he is pure California cheese and this inner demon thing works for him.

Shakira- like a lot of her stuff. Not bad but some strange techno thing that a fogey fears! Did some hump of the stage. Hmmm.
Waiting on Susan Boyle and sending this off in the intermim. I prefer my last gig -- covering the Chabad telethon.
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