Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whoopi and Cat Stevens = WRONG

beautiful Cat Stevens song from Harold and Maude and then  a wretched phone and then a wretched Whoopi Golberg and ... Tom Seleck? missing a lot of pigment. And some dodo from the Apprentice who I was shocked was married to Sandra Bullock. Well, not shocked but a little surprised because honestly she could do better.

feeling bad for Grandma Lee but she'll always get work now.

Anti depressant commercial follows.

Some famous country group. Country just doesn't do it for me at all. But, will always remind me of someone who  said it was her favorite and that's the first "friend" I ever had who listened to country. I believed her,now I'm not sure ever liked it either or was just copying some ragged half retarded ex who she looked up to. Looong story.

Nick Cannon on autopilot mostly.

Hoping the chicken farmer wins because the opera singer will get scooped up by fancy places.
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