Sunday, September 20, 2009

Moral dillemmas suck

I was positive I'd be a co participant in a very inflluential blog collective by this morning.  I've been reading an e-book called "Extreme blogging" and it assurred me blog mega success.

Well, it's this morning and though theres is signs of prying eyes(just kidding I know that I've invited ya'll to pry) I don't feel anything like Arrianna Huffington.

Had an odd night last night. Met some girl  who told me all this dirt on the main witness for the prosecution and was willing to come to court and everything. I was sensing a bit of a vendetta.
The moral dillemma: Since this info doesn't involve much more than really embarrassing stuff and not much to suggest that this witness is going to lie  for Notaro. I don't think I'm interested. This person is one of the few who I sense is just caught in some bad scene by a fake "friend."  and nothing she has done so far has shown any malice or even untruth(as far as I know) so to win should I wallow in the sewer like Tig Notaro?
I say no. I've come too far and learned too much to screw over my soul now.

I feel oddly aloof towards you, blog. I wonder why.
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